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Music Lessons North County San Diego

Get grooving with lessons at All Things Music, your one-stop-shop for music lessons of all kinds!

At All Things Music we believe that students should enjoy the music they're making. That's why we take a personalized approach to our lessons, tailoring our teaching to suit your individual learning style and interests. So whether you are just starting out with your musical journey or are an experienced musician looking to refine your skills, we offer a variety of lessons that cater to your needs.  It is our passion to help you experience the joy of expressing yourself musically and help you achieve your personal musical goals, whatever they may be.

Our Philosophy

We here at All Things Music believe that music is in all of us. Everyone has a song in their heart, and it should be heard by the world! As with every action and talent, it needs to be honed and improved through practice, and that's were we come in. Our goal to provide excellent instruction to reach your goals in order for them to grow and build skills to become great musicians. 

About Our Music Lessons

At All Things Music we understand that each student has unique goals and interests when it comes to music. Whether it's mastering a particular instrument, writing original music, or simply playing for fun, we're here to help each student achieve their own personal music goals.

We strive to bring students an appreciation and lasting understanding of music, as well as building a strong foundation for playing and preforming. Our experienced instructors are educated, with diverse musical backgrounds, and are passionate about music and passionate about helping you achieve your goals. We offer lessons in a wide range of instruments, including guitar, piano, bass, drums, violin, fiddle, ukulele, banjo, saxophone, flute, cello, mandolin, music theory and more. 

What Each Lesson Includes

Each lesson provides students 30 minutes with the teacher to gain an understanding of their instrument and develop skills to become better musicians. Each instrument is different but lessons focus on specifics for each instrument and the goals of the student. Keeping up with the practice and lessons will keep building those concepts and help develop quality experiences in their musical journey.

Lesson Pricing 

Most lessons with All Things Music are 30 minutes for $40. However, some lessons range up to $48.75 per 30 minutes. All lessons are billed on a monthly bases in four lesson increments for a full month. These will be expanded upon below.

Most Instruments: $40 per 30 min- billed $160/ month
Violin Lessons: $45 per 30 min- billed $180/ month
Vocal Lessons: $48.75 per 30 min- billed $195/ month

Payment is due at the beginning of each month for 4 weeks at a time. If lessons are started in the middle of a month, payment is only required for the remaining weeks of that given month, then 4 at a time at the beginning of the next month moving forward. We understand there can be constraints to this, so please discuss personal payment plans if necessary.


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    Phone: (760) 317-6245


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